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This is The Blais Family R/C Web Site


  1. Car or Truck Kit Of Choice
  2. Transmitter And Receiver Kit Of Choice (includes steering servo)
  3. Electronic Speed Control (for best performance)
  4. NiCad Battery Charger (preferably dual 12v-110v)
  5. At Least Two NiCad Battery Packs (preferably three)
  6. If Buying Matched Batteries, Buy A Battery Building Jig (You Will Be Glad You Spent The Money!)
  7. An O5 Electric Motor Of Choice
  8. An Assortment Of Nut Drivers And Allen Drivers (they really help)
  9. At Least Two Colors Of Paint For Lexan Plastic Bodies (or it will crack off the first time you hit something)
  10. A Bottle Of Super Glue (for gluing the tires on)
  11. Soldering Iron Or Gun And A Stand(for the last part of assembly and for repairs)
  12. Three Feet Of Red And Black 12Ga.Wire
  13. Three Sets Of Good Battery connectors (the cheap ones melt)
  14. A Good Pair Of Scissors (For all Kinds Of Stuff)
  15. A Good Pair Of Side Cutting Pliers
  16. A Good Pair Of Needle Nose Pliers
  17. A Flat File For Cleaning The Motor Can For Soldering The Capacitors On
  18. A Small Measuring Tape For Adjusting The Toe In On The Car
  19. A Wire Brush (For Cleaning Tires)

Whats Wrong With CarThis was our first car, do you know what is wrong with it?
(Click On Picture For Better Look)

 Check out our Heat sheet! Just print out and cut into four sheets and keep on a small clip board, to keep track of your heats and numbers.

 Our Personal notes page has thoughts on our years in racing from the view of the parent, and our sons.

 Check out our Tips page, and please send one to be included.

Check out the older business cards I found in my race box that I scanned in 2011.

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This is our new site for all of our R/C and Blais Racing Services race reports.

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